The illusion of Truth

Human beings (Homo sapiens, they’re supposed to be called) are strange creatures, aren’t they? So Am I. That is just how we are.  All of us live in so many different worlds in our heads, and yet we share the same universe.  So many secrets and insecurities dwell in our minds at all times. But what are we afraid of? Everyone is supposed to be different, right? Why is it hard to accept imperfection? If everyone is different and has a different view, how can we choose certain characteristics as ‘ideal’? If we know everyone has insecurities, it shouldn’t be hard to accept one’s own. And if we can accept ourselves for who we are, it should be very easy to accept everyone for who they are. But, wait! Do we even understand the concept of ‘self’, or have we ever tried to do so?

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Why so we consider ourselves to be an entity separate from the things that surround us? Is it because they seem to be separate pieces of matter separated by space? But then, if we look into ourselves at a very deep level, at the sub-atomic level, we shall see there is space between the electrons and nuclei that vibrate in us. We are not continuous or connected by matter throughout either. Is it then the energy interactions between those atoms that make an individual entity? If that is so, we must not forget that the atoms in our vicinity interact constantly with the atoms of air and earth surrounding us (which we don’t consider a part of our ‘self’), which further interact with the atoms next to them and so on. This would mean that the entire Earth is one individual with all its trees, birds, air, soil, men, women and water. But again this does not comply with our idea of a discrete self.  We do not understand the boundaries of ourselves and here we are, trying to find the boundaries of the universe around us. We do not know how or when the idea of ‘self’ was born in our minds and yet, we’re busy solving mathematical equations to know the birth of this universe. All that we know of, everything we’ve seen and felt, everything that gives meaning to our lives could all be washed away if the tides of time decide to test our limits. But we do not understand time either, do we? But let’s not talk about that and make things look even more confusing. We live in a universe that we can never fully understand without knowing what lies outside of it. And to know what lies beyond, is forbidden by the laws of this universe. It is a paradox. I feel this contradicts our assumption that we’re the most intelligent creatures. The trees and animals probably understand that the path to questioning the universe and finding answers is an infinite loop with no end, and therefore, they accept life as it comes to them instead of fighting against the ways of nature. Now coming back to the point I made about human beings being strange creatures, we’re too emotional. Humans are the most emotional creatures that have ever evolved on this planet. We need to understand that joy and sorrow, both of them, represent a shift from the equilibrium state of zero emotion. And a system that has deviated from its equilibrium is unstable. Therefore, there will be emotional ups and downs until the equilibrium of zero emotion is reached. Learning to live in such a state of mind is the only key to unlock the door to a world free of sorrow (as well as material joy). I do not intend to judge our species, but in my view, there is no point in questioning the universe, because the universe doesn’t answer back or modify its laws to help us feel better. Even if it did, we wouldn’t notice, we’ve come too far away from the ways of nature now. Curiosity only feeds to the illusion of truth, which is the root cause of sorrow. The truth will stay hidden and we’re part of the veil that hides the truth. There is no absolute, and that is the truth. Either we can accept it and embrace it or join the race to finding answers letting the illusion of knowledge grow. True wisdom lies in understanding that there is a mystery that cannot be solved, and true happiness comes from surrendering to that mystery and finding pleasure in the little things in life.


2 thoughts on “The illusion of Truth

  1. Attaining such a stage where we can free ourselves from all sorrow, is a difficult task. It shall be a stage of eternal bliss or ‘Nirvana’. Not possible for mundane beings like us… 😦

    Liked your take on the subject… 🙂


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