This is me working on Raag Yaman.

This one is called “Through roads so new”, I came up with this after I moved from Guwahati to Manipal.

This one’s called “Deep Within”. I wrote this with my band Sleepwalk, from Guwahati.

This one is a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” by my friend Arjun and me 🙂

This one is a cover of a famous piece by Yiruma, called “River Flows is You”

5 thoughts on “Music

  1. Hello there! I loved the music. It is absolutely enchanting!!
    River flows is You – well that’s captivated me!
    And deep within is truly awesome!!!
    Thanks for posting such wonderful pieces!
    Amazing job!

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      1. Sure!!!! N your music is awesome – it does deserve appreciation 🙂 ! And best of luck fr your on going exams 😀


      2. Thanks Aayusi! The first paper didn’t go very well though.. (too much introspection and deep-thinking makes you lose track of time, which is not good when exam season’s going on) 😛

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